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The Shopping Mall Fields
The installation is created to be exhibited in a public place where people naturally pass by and noone has been invited especially to visit it. On this background it was very important that we were allowed to test the installation in a shopping mall near Copenhagen.

On September 21st and 22nd 2007 the installation was exhibited in the central square in the shopping mall. It was exciting to see whether customers in the shopping mall would interact with the installation or simply ignore it. As it turned out, a lot of people reacted to it. Some took a rather quick look at the outside whereas others spent more than half an hour engaging with the inside elements.


Annual meeting of science  journalists DISENSUS
'Landscape of Expectations'  were exhibited on June 1, 2007 at the annual meeting of science journalists in Biocentre, Copenhagen Universityinfo.
The conference were focused on the relationship between research and social interests as well as control over research. Maja Horst gave a presentation about the installation (download podcast here) and subsequently the delegates were invited to experience it for themselves. Due to limited space the installation was not exhibited in its original shape, but split in two halves. During our preparation and exhibition we had the pleasure of receiving visits from a number of biomedical students from other parts of the building.



Discussions of the choices visitors are challenged to make.

Building 'the society' in the middle of the installation.


Festival of Research
'Landscape of Expectations' was first exhibited and opened to the public in connection with the Festival of Research, April 27, 2007. It was placed next to Frederiksberg Shopping Centre in Copenhagen and opened between 3 pm and 7 pm. This was the first time, the installation was displayed in public, and it turned out that most people visiting the installation also chose to become participants and interacted with the installation in various ways.

Since the installation is not created for outside exhibition it had to be placed in a tent at the Festival of Research.

Preparation of the installation before exhibition.


Maja Horst is being interviewed by Divya Das Andersen about research communication.

Moving the installation



MPP preview
The installation was presented at a sneak premiere in the Kiln at CBS, Wednesday 25 April in connection with a seminar about spatial research communication.

Seminar talk by Maja Horst




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