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Landscape of Expectations

The installation is designed to be placed in a public space where different people pass by for different reasons. We have used the following text to present the ideas behind the installation.

'Landscape of Expectations' – take a walk in the public debate
Would you like to take a walk in the public debate about research and new technology? Maybe you want to include your opinions?

'Landscape of Expectations’ is an installation about Danish opinions on research, politics and future. Is it okay to use a 6 day old human embryo for stem cell research? Who should decide the development of research? How should we spend our common ressources?

The Installation invites you to participate in the debate. The question is how we should organise future society - and your contribution is important.

The installation will be re-located in different settings where reception studies will be conducted. The installation will also be presented at different conferences.

In addition to these exhibitions, it is possible to have the installation re-located in other places by contacting Maja Horst,

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Contact: Associate Professor Maja Horst, +45 3815 2826 / The project is supported by the Danish Research Council for the Hunanities