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The Stem Cell NetWork II

Birte Dalsgaard, spatial designer
Educated as spatial designer with a masters degree from the Danish Academy of Design, 2005, and also bachelor in Art History, Copenhagen University, 1999.  I work with the development of new forms of spatial communications within research and culture communication. I am interested in the formation of spaces which enter into dialogue with their visitors in order to transform the spectator to a participant. Based on interaction as well as spatial and visual means of communication, I pursue a form of expression which is more accessible for a broader audience than the traditional, language based communication in these areas, which is often quite narrow and uni-lateral. I aim to offer the visitor more than one way of experiencing the topic and to allow room for the individual formation of personal interpretations and frames of understanding. Spaces are shaped as stimulating frames of design, which don’t just deliver aesthetic experiences, but also communicate messages via meaningful physical designs with significance for the understanding of a given problem or issue.
Selected Projects: Exhibition design at the Ordrupgaard Collection, 2006; Conceptual development of a ‘HUMANITARIUM’, an interactive exhibition centre for the Institute of Human Rights & Zentropa-Interaction, 2006; Conceptual development, curation and exhibition design of ‘The Eye of Time – J. F. Willumsen and the First Years of The Free Exhibition’, the Museum of J.F. Willumsen, 2005; Development and design of ‘SCULPO tool’ – a gaming tool for vision and strategy planning for the consultancy firm Aion Aps, 2005; Spatial communication installation ‘the stem cell network – a social science lab’, 2003-05; Participation in planning of the new exhibition programme and inventory for the Museum of J.F.Willumsen, 2003-05.

CV – Birte Dalsgaard


Frank Hautau, artist
Born 1963. Educated visual artist/sculptor. Works with stage building, construction of art and design projects, and interior design. Extremely low blood pressure in the morning, yes sir.


Maja Horst, Social Scientist
I have my bachelor and masters degree in communication and social science from Roskilde University. After working a few years as research assistant, I wrote my Ph.D. thesis on public debate about biotechnology at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School. I am now employed in that same department as associate professor in the LIKE research group (Leadership, Innovation, Knowledge and Entrepreneurship). I research the relation between science and society and particular public deliberation on new knowledge and technology. I believe that some of the most important political conflicts in future knowledge society will be about the control over science, about assessment of risks in relation to research and technology, and about the distribution of resources for knowledge production. If science is to produce socially acceptable knowledge and technologies, it is necessary to improve the communicative relationship between research and its environment. This, of course, is also true of my own knowledge production and therefore I work with research management and research communication in both theory and practice.

CV – Maja Horst
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Maria Messmann, student assistent
I am a master student of communication at Roskilde University on my 8. semester. I have a bachelor degree in psychology and plan to do an integrated master thesis in communication and psychology in a0utumn 2007. Besides being interested in the traditional theoretical knowledge on communication, I am very fascinated by art and the communicative potential of creative design. Privately, I am therefore always doing something creatively. In connection with my job as student assistant, I have tried to match my courses at Roskilde, so they can contribute to the project. I have chosen a course on experience communication, which is focused on the process of experience and tries to define what an experience is. The course is relevant for the Stem Cell NetWork, which is also an installation being experienced. Visitors can see, hear and feel the installation and its messages, which is very different from traditional science communication. I think experience communication has an exciting future and I am looking forward to be part of this theoretically and creatively challenging area.


Peter Frimand, Artist
Eeducated as a visual artist at the Sculpture School in the Royal Danish Academy of Visual Arts with a Masters degree in art theory and communication from the Hochschule fűr Bildende Kunst in Hamburg. I often work with appropriations, intended copies or re-creations of well-known objects, structures or patterns of behaviour from our daily life in order to create a critical mental model which problematises the patterns or structures which the thing represents at a social, political or cultural level. The point of departure for my latest exhibition, the project ‘doubletake’ was an experiment with aspects within the communication of news and information in our media culture. The project resulted in a model which occupied itself with the double-sidedness in the repetition which takes place between the documentation and editing of an event until it is put in an interfacial context where the media user is receiving it.

CV – Peter Frimand


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Contact: Associate Professor Maja Horst, +45 3815 2826 / The project is supported by the Danish Research Council for the Hunanities