The Stem Cell NetWork II
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Landscape of Expectations
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The Stem Cell NetWork I
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The Stem Cell NetWork I

The entrance to the installation - designed as a 3d board to walk into. Here you could find information about stem celles.

















The construction

Help from friends - this is the creation of objects for the network


Above: Filming the focus groups

Below: One of the visual 'questions' used in the focus group reveption studies. Participants were asked which kind of chair represented the installation best

The model of the installation were used in the focus groups to point to the elements or room in focus


Focus groups were also filmed with 'surveillance' webcams


TV2 News visited the installation and the item was send on March 19. 2005


Maja introduces at the opening of the installation.
Maja and Birte photographed at the intrance to the installation.


Taking the installation apart again



Log Book
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Contact: Associate Professor Maja Horst, +45 3815 2826 / The project is supported by the Danish Research Council for the Hunanities