The Stem Cell NetWork II
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    Spatial Communication

Landscape of Expectations
    The Installation
    Ideas Production


   Planned Exhibitions  
Borrow the installation     
The Stem Cell NetWork I
   The installation
   Researcher - designer


Video film
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The first born

One of the four sets of building blocks is organic shapes cast in jesmonite
(in Danish)

To take one's own medicine

Social scientist Maja Horst explains the thoughts behind the project
(in Danish)

A look in the KNOWLEGDEbox

A discussion among project participants aobut the persiscope look through to see inside the KNOWLEGDEbox
(in Danish)

Ann Marker

Ann Marker

Log Book
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Contact: Associate Professor Maja Horst, +45 3815 2826 / mh.lpf@cbs.dk The project is supported by the Danish Research Council for the Hunanities